Supporting Your Survivors

From the moment the word was out about my cancer diagnosis, I was inundated with support from so many sources. From friends and family sending their love across the desert and oceans, to finding essential support from other survivors thanks to my truly fabulous hairdresser Tamsyn Reynolds from Hello Hair Fourways. That support from otherContinue reading “Supporting Your Survivors”

World Lymphoma Awareness Day

As a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient I can testify that getting a diagnosis can be a real challenge. Lymphoma is sneaky and it likes to hide behind a number of other perfectly reasonable explanations. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma symptoms can typically be characterized as*: Painless lump in the neck, armpits or groin that may become painful after drinkingContinue reading “World Lymphoma Awareness Day”

First Step to Freedom

Hot off the heels of a check-up with my oncologist to confirm that my immune system is functioning within the normal range (hooray!) and do the paperwork for my PET scan, I FINALLY got my first dose of Pfizer! My battered and still-cancerous-until-it’s-definitely-in-remission immune system reacted like a cheetah chasing a springbok and sped intoContinue reading “First Step to Freedom”

You can save a life.

One of the many tools in the oncologists arsenal for zapping blood cancers it their tracks is a stem cell/ bone marrow transplant. For the patient, it might be the only way they will have a chance at life and for the donor it’s no more uncomfortable than giving blood. Recently wee Benji Dzandza (2)Continue reading “You can save a life.”

Never say “never”

With the country sitting on Alert Level 1 and the level of COVID-19 infections remaining pretty consistently <1200 new cases per day we’ve been living an almost-normal life since Easter. When I say almost-normal, this means that I still avoid going anywhere at weekends and try to have everything delivered so that I don’t haveContinue reading “Never say “never””

Heart of Glass

Anthracyclines are a group of chemotherapy drugs that have the unfortunate characteristic of being toxic to the heart muscle. High enough doses of these drugs can cause permanent damage to the left ventricle of the heart in particular, meaning the heart can’t pump blood strongly enough. Why the sudden interest in anthracyclines? Well, my chemotherapyContinue reading “Heart of Glass”


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