Back to the “new normal”

At the end of August I had my second shot of Pfizer courtesy of the Department of Health, Discovery and Dischem Fourways Mall. Clearly the first shot primed my immune system well as my goodness did I feel crap for about 24 hours after this dose. An inconvenient 24 hours aside, the relief of being fully vaccinated, with a normal immune system, is enormous and it really feels like I can finally start getting my life back.

First on the list? MOM’s WEEKEND AWAY!!!

My wonderful mum friends and I had planned a weekend getaway to Clarens earlier this year, but unfortunately it was right when the third wave (tsunami?) hit Gauteng severely. In fact, one of our gang nearly died of Covid, another got it severely and Rob had Covid over that weekend so I had to isolate (I didn’t get it). Turns out the delta variant doesn’t give a damn if you’re in your thirties and in good shape, it will do it’s level best to take you down. Even if you’re an Ironman. Thankfully we all weathered the storm, all got vaccinated and managed to reschedule for early September.

What a bloody brilliant weekend away. I think our husbands were surprised there were no hectic hangovers or anyone doing daft stunts, but it was the most chill and relaxing weekend. What could be better than a bit of hiking, some gin tasting, a bit of shopping, spa treatments and plenty of wine and great company? Just the medicine we all needed.

Mommas who hike

The following week I got on a plane for the first time since 11th March 2020 and travelled to Cape Town for work. Besides the restrictions on refreshments, masks, distancing etc, the flight really didn’t feel all that different to travelling pre-Covid. Turns out I haven’t lost the knack of packing everything I need for one night into my laptop bag either and yes I’m proud of that.

Pre-Covid I travelled to either the Eastern Cape or Cape Town 3 weeks out of 4 for a couple of days. While I’m less keen to go back to that hectic level of travelling, its definitely something I’ve missed. Just having that opportunity to have a bit of informal face-to-face time with colleagues is worth so much more than you realise. While we’ve all grown accustomed to video calls and collaborative distance working, teams end up working in silos with no idea what’s going on across other departments. Having the opportunity to chat with a colleague about upcoming opportunities or challenges in projects while making a cuppa has huge and under-appreciated value. Given that our company has grown by about 20 people in the time I’ve been off, it was also great to actually start meeting all these new recruits – including the latest recruit for my team! He’s going to fit in so well and I’m super excited he’s joined us.

So that’s it, “normal” life has resumed and what a relief.

I’ve missed this mountain

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