A cathartic blog of my experience navigating the curve-balls of life. With added wine.

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First Step to Freedom

Hot off the heels of a check-up with my oncologist to confirm that my immune system is functioning within the normal range (hooray!) and do the paperwork for my PET scan, I FINALLY got my first dose of Pfizer! My battered and still-cancerous-until-it’s-definitely-in-remission immune system reacted like a cheetah chasing a springbok and sped intoContinue reading “First Step to Freedom”

Hurry Up & Wait (the Remix)

It’s been 3 weeks since my 6th (and hopefully last) round of chemotherapy. That morning I was literally on cloud nine and there was no bringing me down. It’s been six months of ups and downs and chemo becoming the new “normal”. That’s still such a weird thing to say out loud but chemo reallyContinue reading “Hurry Up & Wait (the Remix)”

You can save a life.

One of the many tools in the oncologists arsenal for zapping blood cancers it their tracks is a stem cell/ bone marrow transplant. For the patient, it might be the only way they will have a chance at life and for the donor it’s no more uncomfortable than giving blood. Recently wee Benji Dzandza (2)Continue reading “You can save a life.”

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