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A cathartic blog of my experience navigating the curve-balls of life. With added wine.

Latest from the Blog

Supporting Your Survivors

From the moment the word was out about my cancer diagnosis, I was inundated with support from so many sources. From friends and family sending their love across the desert and oceans, to finding essential support from other survivors thanks to my truly fabulous hairdresser Tamsyn Reynolds from Hello Hair Fourways. That support from other…

Back to the “new normal”

At the end of August I had my second shot of Pfizer courtesy of the Department of Health, Discovery and Dischem Fourways Mall. Clearly the first shot primed my immune system well as my goodness did I feel crap for about 24 hours after this dose. An inconvenient 24 hours aside, the relief of being…

World Lymphoma Awareness Day

As a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient I can testify that getting a diagnosis can be a real challenge. Lymphoma is sneaky and it likes to hide behind a number of other perfectly reasonable explanations. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma symptoms can typically be characterized as*: Painless lump in the neck, armpits or groin that may become painful after drinking…

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