A cathartic blog of my experience navigating the curve-balls of life. With added wine.

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Progress report

So yesterday was infusion number 1 of Round 4 of chemo… and the results of my interim CT. THE CHEMO IS WORKING!!!! In summary, my largest tumour has reduced from the size of a tennis ball down to the size of a golf ball and my smallest tumour is gone. It’s basically a ~40% sizeContinue reading “Progress report”

Chemo Survival Kit

Each person’s chemotherapy experience will be different. It’s influenced by everything from the drugs used, frequency of treatments, facilities of the hospital/ clinic, to the person’s mental state. On that note, staying positive mentally has been really important for me as with a 3 year old and a husband depending on me to get better,Continue reading “Chemo Survival Kit”


Apologies for the radio silence over the last month. By now we’ve all somewhat settled into the “routine” of chemotherapy. My infusions are every second Thursday, I feel pretty rotten for the 5-7 days thereafter and then have a generally better recovery week before the next infusion. Despite the routine nature of treatment I’ve foundContinue reading “Ah-ah-ah-anxiety.”

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