A cathartic blog of my experience navigating the curve-balls of life. With added wine.

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Reality bites.

In that period between the diagnosis and starting treatment you have so much to deal with – medical aid admin, severe/ critical illness insurances, more tests, doctors appointments, fighting with medical aids, never mind everyone else’s shock and emotions around your diagnosis – you end up being strong in the circumstances and for everyone elseContinue reading “Reality bites.”

“And they’re off!”

And so it begins, finally my first chemotherapy session! After a frustrating and stressful 4 month journey (almost to the day) today I got to sit in a comfy lazy boy while my newly installed port received infusion after infusion of cancer-killing and life-saving drugs. Judging by the briefing my oncologist gave before we started,Continue reading ““And they’re off!””

Hurry Up & Wait

In the first bit of tangible progress in 2 weeks, I had a chemotherapy port put in yesterday. With my left arm out of action due to the DVT, the poor veins in my right arm have completely given up with all the blood tests and drips etc over the last 3 months so thisContinue reading “Hurry Up & Wait”

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