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Back to the “new normal”

At the end of August I had my second shot of Pfizer courtesy of the Department of Health, Discovery and Dischem Fourways Mall. Clearly the first shot primed my immune system well as my goodness did I feel crap for about 24 hours after this dose. An inconvenient 24 hours aside, the relief of beingContinue reading “Back to the “new normal””

World Lymphoma Awareness Day

As a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma patient I can testify that getting a diagnosis can be a real challenge. Lymphoma is sneaky and it likes to hide behind a number of other perfectly reasonable explanations. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma symptoms can typically be characterized as*: Painless lump in the neck, armpits or groin that may become painful after drinkingContinue reading “World Lymphoma Awareness Day”

Complete Metabolic Response

PET results are back: “complete metabolic response” / Deauville 2 In other words, the chemotherapy worked!!! No-one is using the “R” word yet, but this is the best result we could’ve hoped for! I’m sure I’ll have lots of follow ups with my oncologist to be sure there’s no recurrence, but this is such aContinue reading “Complete Metabolic Response”

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